120714 – Incompetence

Have never felt so unfairly treated before. Is it right that an innocent person ends up suffering the brunt of the consequences in a conflict between two parties?

How can a leader at such a high level allow himself to make major organizational decisions based on personal agenda, without regard for logic or consequence? How can someone who is empowered to lead hundreds, have his own inability to manage personal matters allow him to damage the performance (and the lives) of the organization and it’s people?

Rather; how can someone who cannot maintain a fair distance between his personal and professional life, be empowered to lead such an important organization?

Can someone who cannot deal with their own problems, be entrusted to deal with the lives of hundreds of men? Whatever happened to the values of leadership? Of professionalism? I question the quality of the leaders that are chosen.

Nonetheless, letting this bring me down will just drag me to the same level. What needs to be done still needs to be done and I will not let this bind me. Professionalism is the word and if you will not live it out, I will.

On a brighter note, the first week of the Experiencing God series has been fairly fruitful, and timely as well. Feel like God has placed this study in my life here and now for a reason, and it’s definitely brought much purpose and comfort in the recent circumstances. In all things You must be greater; I must become less.

Who knows; I might not have the strength to live out what I just wrote, but I know someone who does.

You’re welcome.